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A big list of things I’ve worked on

YearTitleMade atBuilt withLink
2021Text to HandwritingHTML·VanillaJS·CSS·Github Pages
2021Identifying and Classifying Metastatic Breast Cancer using Deep LearningJupyter Notebook·Python·NumPy·Pandas·Seaborn
2021Find-MgGraphPermissionMicrosoft CorporationPowerShell·Microsoft Graph·Windows Terminal
2020MentorMeCiscoReact.js·Expo·Firebase·Google API·Material-UI
2020reMapMLH - To The Moon and HackJavaScript·HTML·CSS·Pygame·Twitter API
2020Say Their NamesSay Thier NamesiOS·Android
2020Alexa, Who is at The Door?Morgan State UniversityAmazon Alexa Skills Kit·Firebase·Amazon Lambda·Raspberry Pi
2019Toward Automated Identification and Quantification of Meso-scale Damage Modes in Plain Weave Glass/Epoxy Composite LaminatesMorgan State University - ESIExpo·MATLAB·React Native·Java
2019Blender rendering of a interactive PinBowl game.Morgan State UniveristyBlender·OpenGL·C++
2018Digital MonopolyHTML·SFML 1.6·C++·Docker